Finding Truck Driving Jobs on the Internet –

A summary of information, benefits & risks found in this new age of truck driver recruiting.

Part 1 of 3 – What is it? How does it work? Where do I start?

There are many questions that come to mind when drivers consider searching for a job on the Internet. This article will answer a few of those preliminary questions and many others will be answered throughout this three part series.

What is Internet Based Driver Recruitment?

From a driver's stand point, Internet based truck driver recruiting is simply the idea of creating an application online with a driver recruitment website and applying directly to trucking companies using the website's application, rather than the trucking company application.

From a trucking company's stand point, Internet based truck driver recruiting is basically considered a form of advertising for drivers. Like any business of supply and demand, since more and more truck drivers are moving to the Internet to search for trucking jobs, trucking companies have accommodated this transition by making themselves available through driver recruiting websites and the Internet in general.

How does it work?

Although most all recruiting websites work in similar ways, we'll use as a general example in this article. The process is actually pretty has compiled the hiring positions, requirements, and qualifications of over 1,500 trucking companies that are currently hiring truck drivers for all types of driving jobs. Once a driver creates an account by filling out an application, the driver is allowed to apply to trucking companies as long as they meet their basic qualifications. By pre-screening the application up front, time is saved for both the interested driver and the trucking companies. Once the truck driver successfully applies to a company, his complete application is sent to the trucking company immediately via email. It is then the company's responsibility to contact the driver. This same process also allows drivers to apply to multiple trucking companies at the same time, which also saves time.

Where do I Start?

A good starting point is to choose a credible website for your truck driving jobs search. One of the best ways to find a credible website is through popular search engines on the Internet. Websites that have the technical ability to rank well for the most popular search terms typically have the technical ability to provide the best service to both drivers and trucking companies. (Part 3 will take a more in depth look at things to be aware of when using a driver recruitment website.)

For example: Visit Perform a search using 'trucking jobs' or 'trucking driving jobs' for your search phrase. Once the search results display, you'll notice 3 websites listed first in a shaded area - these websites pay for their ranking. Below the shaded results, in the white area, the websites that actually rank on their own are listed. Most credible websites will be listed in the top 10 search results, which is the first page of your search results. From your results, you should be able to choose a website that will help you with your job search.

Looking forward to next month's article, Part 2 – How Do Truck Driver Recruiting Websites Benefit Drivers?

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