Wyoming Trucking Association

555 North Poplar Street
Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 234-1579
Fax: (307) 234-7082

About Wyoming Trucking Association

The Wyoming Trucking Association was organized in 1939 as a result of the need for organized support and unity of the trucking industry in the state. The need for a united front has not diminished in the past seven decades.

The primary concern of the Wyoming Trucking Association is the advancement of the interests of transporters of property or passengers by motor vehicles. WTA seeks to educate those involved in the transportation industry on matters affecting their operations, both state and federal; to affiliate with and establish reciprocal relations with any other associations, commercial or industrial businesses, and with the American Trucking Associations, Inc.; to express the views of its members on matters affecting the interests of those engaged in transportation of property or passengers. To foster and advance safety on the public roads and highways, and to do whatever is necessary to create and stimulate fair and intelligent attitude on the part of the public with respect to the business of its members, to accomplish fair and intelligent legislation with respect to members and the public with accurate and reliable information on matters of transportation. To do everything possible to remove abuses from the business of motor vehicle transportation.


  • Eight (8) Conferences representing the specialized services of its members
  • Council of Safety Supervisors
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Legislative Committee
  • Lobbying efforts during legislative session
  • Bulletin Service – detailed bulletins to all members
  • Wyoming Trucking Association Scholarship Program

Hiring VA Drivers

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