Vermont Truck & Bus Association

19 Henniker Street
Concord, VT 03302
Phone: (802) 479-1778
Fax: (802) 479-1395

About Vermont Truck & Bus Association

Vermont Truck & Bus Association’s goal is to promote a motor transport system which will serve the citizens of Vermont reliably, efficiently, safely, and economically. We would like to serve as a spokesperson for motor transport before federal, state and municipal government bodies; communicate the mission of motor transport to the general public through media and personal appearances. We shall foster the principles of the Association through promotion of its services that may enhance the operation of its participating members. Our membership shall encourage cooperation, courtesy, and safety among highway users; encourage construction and maintenance of safe and adequate highways. Vermont Truck and Bus Association shall provide insurance programs for the benefit of the members, their employees and their dependents; continue to identify and implement new programs and services that are beneficial to the Association and its members and to do all the things incidental and necessary to said objectives within the provisions of the law.

Legislative Support - You are well represented in the Vermont Legislature. Edward Miller and Bill Smith are registered lobbyists for VTBA.
Forms & Supplies - All the forms and supplies required by State and Federal Governments for the transportation industry are available through the VTBA office. We buy our materials in bulk so we can offer you the lowest prices in the state.
Newsletter - A monthly newsletter containing industry updates, regulation changes and information that is pertinent to your business.
Videos - We have a library of several videos for sale or for rent. Call today for our list of titles and availability.
Printing Discount - Printers Square in Manchester NH (the Association’s printing supplier) offers a wide range of quick print to commercial print services, and is available to members at a 15% savings.

Hiring WA Drivers

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