Florida Trucking Association

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Tallahassee, FL 32301-1565
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About Florida Trucking Association

The Florida Trucking Association was founded in 1932 by Mr. Lewis Raulerson of Jacksonville, FL. He was one of the first to recognize the need for the new industry to become regulated. In 1933 he attended an American Trucking Association meeting in Chicago to seek some guidelines.

He learned that unity was the first order of business and was told to "bind yourselves into an organization to handle collectively the problems you are unable to handle individually." Recognizing the logic of this, Mr.Raulerson paid the $200 fee for a Florida Chapter, and came home to spread the word. After a number of preliminary meetings, on October 5, 1934, in Jacksonville, six men signed the charter of the Florida Trucking Association, "A non-profit organization to sponsor reasonable rates and regulations, for both industry and the public, to disseminate information to its members, and to encourage high standards."

At the same time, a loosely knit group of truckers had organized under the leadership of Sid Allen of Tampa, and registered themselves in Duval County on September 25, 1934 as Florida Truck Owners Association. In November 1934, Sid Allen called a meeting in Ocala of prominent truckers such as I. W. and Paul Holstun, Ed Rowland, J.Fogarty, Talbert Leonard, and the group decided to join forces with the newly formed "Florida Trucking Association."

The organization got off to a slow and shaky start, since few trucking companies had the time or money to put into strengthening the organization. Finally in December of 1937 a reorganization meeting was held at the Marriott hotel in Ocala, was attended by 26 new members. More and more Motor Carriers were seeing the need of a united voice.

As the years past more members joined the association, and the voice grew louder and stronger as the trucking industry grew. Much time was spent in Tallahassee, impressing the legislature, with the trucking industry's contributions to Florida's economy. By 1942 the Association which began with a membership of six grew to a membership exceeding of seven hundred.

The first offices of the FTA were built in 1938 and located at 657 E. Bay St. in Jacksonville. The city had been selected because of its key role in the trucking industry, and it remained the home of the Association for more than forty years. In 1981, as the need for a closer working relationship with the legislature became more and more obvious, the FTA moved to it's present location in Florida's state capital of Tallahassee.

The FTA now enjoys great stature in the industry, and legislative circles, both statewide and nationally. As changes and events make their impact on the industry during the years ahead, the FTA will be fighting for the rights of the Trucking industry.

As in the past the changes to our industry bring both benefits and problems. The FTA will continue to provide illumination, direction, and protection for the industry that is the driving force behind Florida's agriculture and industry.

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