Alaska Trucking Association

3443 Minnesota Drive
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 276-1149
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About Alaska Trucking Association

The Alaska Trucking Association has a 45 year history here in Alaska and we recognize the rich and varied history of trucking and transportation Alaska has.

The Alaska Trucking Association is a 45 year-old trade association formed principally to represent Alaska’s for-hire trucking industry. Deregulation of the trucking industry and inter-modalization of freight movement have transformed Alaska Trucking Association into much more than just a representative of the for-hire truck users. Today, Alaska Trucking Association functions very much in the interest of all Alaska’s transportation modes.

The mission of the Alaska Trucking Association is to "serve the united interests of the trucking industry and enhance the trucking industry image, efficiency, productivity and competitiveness; promote highway safety and environmental responsibility; provide educational programs; and work for a healthy business environment." The deep seated, root interests of the Alaska Trucking Association include maintaining existing roads, new road construction and the elimination of blanket seasonal weight restrictions.

Resource Development

The ATA supports policy that encourages responsible exploration and development of Alaska natural resources.
Roads and Infrastructure

The ATA supports the expansion of Alaska’s road system and continual funding maintenance of our roads to provide safe roads for all.
Fiscal Stability

ATA supports a fiscally sound state government because it is vitally important to Alaska’s economy moving forward. All legislation that is enacted must practice sound business principals.

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