Overview: Getting started on everytruckjob.com
Locate a driving job in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Create an account ~ online driver application

Our online truck driver application process has three parts and takes about 10 minutes; general contact information, driver information and work history. Current FMCA laws require 10 years of verifiable work history including gaps. With ETJ you'll be able to store, update and print this information at anytime so it's well worth the time; and with our secure application process your information is never outside your complete control. Click here to get started.

Step 2: Begin your job search

Search truck driving jobs in your area using our job search engine, search by position and location or by company requirements and benefits. There's also a complete directory of trucking companies from A to Z, trucking equipment types and truck driver positions - the choise is yours. With your new account it's a simple process to "save" each company to your cart and "check out" to apply to 1 or 100 companies with a click of the mouse.

Automate your job search: don't have time to search through thousands of trucking companies? Click "yes" for Jobbot and we'll match your driver application with the requirments of hundreds of companies for 30 days, login at anytime to stop the process.

Upon completion of the application, you will be automatically directed to a page that asks you if you wish to activate JOBbot to search for driving jobs. It is highly recommended to all candidates that they activate JOBbot, as it provides the quickest and best results. To activate JOBbot, just click the button “Turn JOBbot On”. You will be taken to a page that lets you know a few trucking companies JOBbot has already found for you. Hit the “finish application” button to apply to those trucking companies and proceed to your account screen.

the Manual Job Search

If you select to keep JOBbot off, you will be directed straight to your account screen. Once there, select “Search Trucking Jobs” Input your search criteria once the page loads, and sort through the list of trucking companies. You can add multiple companies to your cart and then apply to them at the same time, or you can apply to one company by hitting the “view your saved jobs ” button at the top of each company's profile page.

Step 3: Check your progress

Remember your username and password you selected when you filled out the application. You can use that information to log back in to your account anytime, from any computer. Every time you login, you will be directed immediately to your account screen. From your account screen you can do a couple of important functions: Update any and all information on your application, Turn JOBbot on or off, apply to any companies in your “quick apply bank”, or review all of your sent applications.

If you have any additional questions, or need additional details about the job process, feel free to contat us at 866-383-7956 or click here for a more indepth look at the driver job process on ETJ.

Hiring VA Drivers

Hirschbach Sioux City, IA
Tqi Groveport, OH
Millis Transfer Black River Falls, WI
TMC Transportation Des Moines, IA
Atlas Evansville, IN
Covenant Transport Chattanooga, TN
Mercer Transportation Louisville, KY