May 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on May 12, 2015

Another month has drifted into a tiny blip in the rear view mirror. Summer is starting and the kids are out of school. We hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day and have a great Memorial Day! We have some great articles for you this month, so be sure to leave us some comments.  Have another safe month on the road!

Find the Funny Side

by Terri Jenkins-Brady May 12, 2015

We here at Every Truck Job are always searching for ways to help you deal with the usual aggravations of driving a truck through congested roads, meeting deadlines with a smile for your shippers and not kicking the dog when you get back to your cab or home. Now we can tell you that based […]

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WARNING: Bridge Out Ahead

by Ernest Sharpe May 12, 2015

Why is it that Wile E. Coyote never sees the “bridge out” sign until a second before the rocket-powered unicycle from Acme carries him over the precipice? Duhh, because otherwise there’d be no laughs? Right, but it’s no laughing matter that American truckers—and everyone who uses our National Highway System (i.e. you and me)—will find […]

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Drive A Reefer? Imagine This Future!

by Terri Jenkins-Brady May 12, 2015

Last month, you read about having a niche and how it financially impacted your driving. This time, let’s look a little more closely at a niche that’s going to be under heavy scrutiny by the end of summer, when stiff new regs kick in – the cold food industry.   The new Food Safety and […]

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Trucking Job Search: Investigation – The Job that Changes Every Day

by Timothy Brady May 12, 2015

One thing about OTR trucking is it will change every day. What occurs and where you are today will always be unique to this day. And this is true regardless of the carrier for which you choose to drive. But that doesn’t mean you should be changeable or haphazard in how you decide on which […]

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Stable Running Part 2 – How ABS Makes It Work

by Tom Kelley May 12, 2015

Last month we covered the basics of traction and dynamic forces; this month we’ll move on to a description of how ABS, Traction Control, and Stability Control systems work to manage those forces. ABS Basics So now that we have a basic understanding of traction forces and problems, let’s go on to a quick description […]

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