July 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on July 14, 2015

We’ve arrived at that time again– time for another ETJ Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy this month’s articles.  Please leave some comments!

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Have another safe month on the road!

Trucking Job Search Investigation – Trucking Is A Real Gamble

by Timothy Brady July 14, 2015

I remember once at the old Alamo Truck stop in Sparks, Nevada, there was a trucker who kept going up to the cashier asking to change quarters into dollars. About the 5th time she asked him ‘where he was finding all the quarters?’ He pointed at the change machine and said, “I keep putting dollar […]

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BioTech 4 Trucks Is Biodiesel Ready For Prime Time?

by Tom Kelley July 14, 2015

Although temporarily low prices for petrodiesel have cooled off much of the interest in biodiesel, if there’s anything certain in this world, it’s that the collection of clowns and crazies currently “negotiating” the next Mideast peace treaty will have less than stellar success, and a new round of unrest in that region will bring us […]

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A Little Routine Can Smooth Out the Day

by Terri Jenkins-Brady July 14, 2015

One of the hallmarks of trucking is that no two days are ever exactly alike. And truck drivers not only accept that, most of them enjoy the freedom from the ‘same old, same old’ that a 9–5 job often seems to produce. However, humans need a little pattern to their lives if they’re going to […]

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Annie Oakley Behind the Wheel

by Ernest Sharpe July 14, 2015

Overdrive Magazine has named Joanna Fatta of Lancaster, Pennsylvania,  2015’s “Most Beautiful Female Trucker.”   Is this progress or sexism? Highlighting female truckers is a worthy goal, but Overdrive doesn’t run a Hot Dude contest for male truckers. Candidates are self-nominated and 82 women participated in this year’s contest. The winner is a single mom […]

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Safety Out of Your Cab

by Terri Jenkins-Brady July 14, 2015

Finally, some good weather, and a chance to get out of your cab and take a short stroll, call home, listen to music or smoke a cigarette. (Just one, remember?)   But while you’re outside, if you’re on the dock or in an adjacent area, keep thinking ‘safety.’ Your safety.   Talking or texting on […]

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