November 2015 Newletter

by Austin Haskew on November 12, 2015

It’s almost time for the holidays! We hope you get to spend some time with the family and eat some turkey. For those of you on the road be safe and thank you. Don’t forget if you are in the Houston area on the 14th to drop in and see our friends at Driver Recruitment Events and see if you can find a new job!

Plugging In: Shore Power & Inverters Key To Extending Battery Life

by Tom Kelley November 12, 2015

According to numerous studies, the average long-haul truck idles away $2,000.00 or more in profits each year. Instead of letting their engines idle, operators are being encouraged to find other ways to power accessory loads and maintain interior/engine temperature while parked. Auxiliary devices such as “truck-grade” inverter/chargers are efficient, inexpensive to operate, and readily available. […]

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It Wasn’t Just Your Imagination

by Terri Jenkins-Brady November 12, 2015

Are you beginning to wonder about the next few months on the road? No less a prestigious expert in the field than The Journal of Commerce has called the horrendous 2014 weather complications “the most disruptive winter for North American supply chain interests in recent memory…”. Yes, last winter was a doozy. And the weather […]

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A Trucker’s Thanks

by Ernest Sharpe November 12, 2015

Thanks for the tires that spin around, State to state, town to town, Eighteen mules that carry my load, Work ‘til they shred, rubber on the road. Thanks for the engine, doin’ what it should, Six hundred horses under my hood, Thundering herd that runs all day, Pump it, diesel, and get out of the […]

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You Can’t Do Everything Yourself

by Terri Jenkins-Brady November 12, 2015

Truck drivers are known for their independence and ingenuity. But are you trying to take on too much, expecting to do everything yourself and not hire or get help? The days of drivers washing their own truck cabs and trailers, unless you’re entering a ‘Pride and Polish’ competition are gone. Ask around the drivers’ room […]

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Do you know your weather?

by Timothy Brady November 12, 2015

Winter weather is upon us; but are you, as a trucker, really ready for dealing with the cold, snow, ice and the sudden changing road conditions weather winter can toss into your path? Here’s a list of things to prepare you for winter weather while driving an 18-wheeler. Know the weather forecast for the route […]

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