February 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on February 18, 2015

Another month has drifted into a tiny blip in the rear view mirror.  It’s hard to believe we’re already almost two full months into 2015.  As always though, we thank you for another month on the road.

We’re already gearing up for this year’s MATS.  If any of you are planning to attend, we’d love for you to stop by our booth and say hello.  We’re booth #69041.  Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of that next month too.

Without further ado, we have some great articles this month.  Be sure to leave comments as well- we really do read them.

Trucking Job Search: Investigation

by Timothy Brady February 18, 2015

Finding the right employer when you’re a trucker is like no other job search you’ll tackle. Trucking, as we all know, is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle, whether you’re looking for that first carrier after graduating from truck driving school or you’re an old hand searching for a new left seat to support […]

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Tech4Trucks: Stay Cool- Truck Air Conditioner Basics

by Tom Kelley February 18, 2015

As polar winds grip much of North America air conditioning is probably the last thing on your mind, but all too soon, winter’s icy blasts will be replaced with another sweltering summer, so it’s never to early to learn how your air conditioner works. Most modern refrigeration systems, including your air conditioner, operate by compressing […]

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Savings? Where to Start?

by Terri Jenkins-Brady February 18, 2015

If you read many articles about setting aside savings or the complicated plans some books offer, you may have already given up on saving for retirement, a vacation, or even an emergency fund. But an easy way to get some money put away is to just figure on trying to save 10% of every paycheck.It’s […]

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B.A.’s Agent Part II

by T-Dawg McCall February 18, 2015

When we left T-Dawg, his best friend, B.A. Grouseman, had just found a Hollywood agent to negotiate his new trucking contract. The offers from trucking companies were pouring in, but so far, agent J. W. Sharkey insisted none of them were good enough. “Dawg,” B.A. said with maddening condescension, “you’re the salt of the earth, […]

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First Aid – and Your DOT Check-Up in 2015

by Terri Jenkins-Brady February 18, 2015

Did you know there are hospitals which are inaccessible to an eighteen-wheeler? Several years ago, a friend’s spouse got a finger cut nearly to the bone in a shipping dock accident. The couple drove from Chicago to a small town in Oklahoma before they found an ER they could access. Hospitals along the interstate were […]

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