June 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on June 15, 2015

Well another summer is here and it is hot out there. We have some new article for you to read and comment on, don’t forget to tell us what you think. Everyone stay safe and as always keep trucking!

They Must Be Listening: Feds Announce Rule Mandating Stability Control (Part 3)

by Tom Kelley June 15, 2015

While it’s not certain that the federal regulatory agencies are avid readers of our pages here at ETJ, there could be more than a coincidence between what started out to be a two-part series covering the nuts and bolts of stability control systems, and the June 3rd announcement that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration […]

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When Your Wide Beam’s What You’re Sitting On

by Terri Jenkins-Brady June 15, 2015

Somehow it makes the weather even hotter when you’ve got some extra pounds you’re lugging around – you sweat more (and it seems to do less good towards cooling you off), you get chafing or odd rashes, and eating a balanced meal is just too much trouble.   The best thing you can do with […]

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The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

by Ernest Sharpe June 15, 2015

It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times; for trucking companies, that is. In 2014 the industry reported a record $700.4 billion in revenue. That’s three quarters of a trillion dollars, and a lot of money, however you measure it. For instance, that’s almost 5% of the entire U.S. Gross […]

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Truck-Friendly Tourism

by Terri Jenkins-Brady June 15, 2015

Summertime, and the kids are already asking, “Are we there yet?” Only they’re aboard Mom or Dad’s truck, and the truck’s schedule of pickups and deliveries determines the ‘yet.’ But you and your kid can enjoy some truck-friendly tourism; you just need to do a little extra planning ahead. For instance, if you’re in household […]

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Trucking Job Search Investigation – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

by Timothy Brady June 15, 2015

As most truckers who’ve been in the industry know, most trucking companies pay by the mile. But anyone who’s looked for a trucking job can tell you the amount paid per mile varies from carrier to carrier. Some will pay as little as 25 cents per mile for a newly-trained trucker, and you can find […]

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