September 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on September 17, 2015

Here we are again folks, football season is here and fall is starting to settle in. I want to remind everyone that our good friends at Driver Recruitment Events are holding a job fair for drivers in Harrisburg, PA on October 10th. Click the banner below for more information. Hope all is well and keep those trucks moving!

Let’s Put Mama in the Machine

by Ernest Sharpe September 17, 2015

Derek Leathers, COO of billion-dollar Nebraska trucking firm Werner Enterprises, likes to relate what his trainer told him long ago when he was learning to handle a big rig. “If you want to succeed as a trucker, you’ve gotta focus on the three M’s.”   The three M’s are “Mama, Miles and Machine.” Mama means […]

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Safety Questions and Ideas

by Terri Jenkins-Brady September 17, 2015

Truckers are constantly aware of the dangers they face on the road and take pride in their professional behavior. But just to get personal, do you, as a professional driver, also know some simple ideas which can make you a little safer when you’re out of your truck?   First of all, there’s the old […]

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Lease Operators – Making a Profit

by Timothy Brady September 17, 2015

Last month we discussed how as a lease operator your paycheck – that money you send to the house – is an expense for your trucking operation. This method of treating your pay as an expense gives you greater control over your revenue. Now we’ll discuss how to add a daily, weekly and monthly profit […]

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Tech4Trucks – Auto Pilot? Will Autonomous Trucks Replace Drivers? Part 1

by Tom Kelley September 17, 2015

In a word: No! But that would make for a really, really, short post here, so let’s look a bit deeper. Between all of the good/bad publicity surrounding Google’s autonomous cars and their inevitable traffic altercations, as well as Freightliner’s debut earlier this year of the first road-licensed autonomous truck, there’s been much talk about […]

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Déjà vu?

by Terri Jenkins-Brady September 17, 2015

Quick, can you name the previous Secretary of the Department of Transportation? If you said ‘Ray LaHood,’ you’re not just a professional driver, you’re a well-rounded pro driver who keeps up with current events and understands proposed legislation. (Psst – Would you consider running for Congress? We need you in Washington.) In a news release […]

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