August 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on August 13, 2015

It is Newsletter time again! Hope everyone has had a great time on the road.

We’re ready to head to Dallas for this year’s GATS.  We hope to see many of you there, so be sure to stop by our booth #12018.

If you won’t be at GATS (or even if you will), leave some comments.  We enjoy reading them each month.

Hope to see you soon and enjoy this month’s newsletter!

Driving into the Sci-Fi Future

by Terri Jenkins-Brady August 13, 2015

You’re well aware of 3D-Printing that’s progressed to the point it’s used to bio-engineer replacement parts for humans, implanted in delicate, life-saving surgeries. There are robots being deployed to get products from warehouse shelves stacked to dizzying heights – which doesn’t bother their mechanical heads at all. And of course, driverless trucks. A new wrinkle […]

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Lease Operators – Who Writes Your Paycheck?

by Timothy Brady August 13, 2015

Lease Operators – Who writes your paycheck? If your answer is “my carrier,” then you need to change your paradigm. You’re no longer an employee of the carrier; you are self-employed. This means the settlement check you receive along with the statement isn’t your paycheck. That money belongs to your trucking operation – your business. […]

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Veggie Tech – Would You Like Fried Fuel With That?

by Tom Kelley August 13, 2015

Continuing last month’s theme of looking under the hood at alternative fuels and the tech behind them, this month we’re heading to the kitchen to look at vegetable oil. Yep, not only is it great for making crispy french fries, or mixing with a bit of vinegar to make salad dressing, veggie oil can also […]

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Throw the Book at Stress!

by Terri Jenkins-Brady August 13, 2015

Not literally, of course – but did you know reading was tested years ago as a stress-reliever, and found to lower heart rate and ease tension in only six minutes? The study, conducted in 2009 by Mindlab International at the University of Sussex, England, found that reading worked faster than going for a walk or […]

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The Arrow Hits Home… Finally

by Ernest Sharpe August 13, 2015

  We’ve filed a lot of stories in the seven years we’ve been covering the trucking beat, but for sheer Christmas Grinchiness, nothing comes close to the collapse of Arrow Trucking back in December of 2010. It was a sad story, but what made it worth telling was that it was also a heartwarming demonstration […]

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