Top Semi Trucks Tractor Trailer Manufacturer Brands For 2014

by HopInTop on December 11, 2013

semi truck brands

Traditionally known as “big rigs” or “18-wheelers”, trailers haven´t diverted much from their classic form during the last few years, but new and exciting changes are coming to the tractor-trailer manufacture industry in 2014, with sleeker and more streamlined designs that are more efficient and better looking than any model before them.

Some of the manufacturer brands implementing these changes are old favorites, who have a reputation for rugged durability as well as sleek elegance, a history that places them in the category of the top manufacturers for 2014.

1. Peterbilt Motor Company – Founded in 1939, and producing Class 5 to Class 8 trucks, Peterbilt is a proudly American company from Denton, Texas. For 2014 the company has placed its focus on driver comfort, together with outstanding fuel efficiency and new emission reducing hybrid engines that run on alternative fuels for environmentally friendly performance.

2. International Trucks – Founded in 1902, International currently operates a network of 1,000 dealerships throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. This year the focus has been placed on maneuverability and handling with superior results thanks to its 50-degree wheel cut and standard roll stability. Exterior designs follow International’s classic lines, proving its trucks to be the kings of the road.

3. Freightliner – As the largest truck manufacturer in North America, founded in 1942, Freightliner presents its 2014 line of heavy duty trucks with an increased focus on payload capacity, and operational efficiency, making them some of the best options on the road today. In a world where fuel costs are increasing daily, the fuel efficiency of Freightliner trucks has become a driver’s best ally, making the company one of the most outstanding in the industry.

4. Mack Trucks – With headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, Mack Trucks presents its innovative automated manual transmission designed to maximize fuel economy while providing comfort to what has traditionally been known as a “hard stick”. Different improvements have been made to Mack’s Econoboost engine to allow for more horsepower and torque, something that will improve a driver’s experience in 2014.

5. Kenworth Truck Company – As one of the favorite truck manufacturers in America, Kenworth places a new focus on aerodynamics and performance, to produce its most driver friendly and comfortable truck yet, even as it pushes fuel economy to new heights. With other new features, such as a 52 inch sleeper, Kenworth once again gives evidence as to why it is at the top of the list of manufacturers for 2014.

6. Volvo Trucks – With an enhanced focus on safety, Volvo enters 2014 with a new line of trucks that is bound to impress. A driver’s side airbag, improved visibility from its large windshield, and high strength steel cab, Volvo has put driver safety at the forefront of its designs, proving to be one of the best options for long haul driving today.

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