Best Electronic Logbook Software for a Drivers

by Austin Haskew on July 10, 2012

There are so many rules and regulations in the trucking industry that truckers are in danger of multiple violations if they don’t have the right kind of software to keep track of their hours of service. We used to use paper logs that could be lost in the shuffle of paperwork in our cabs, get in our way, and generally make our cabs messy and cluttered. Thankfully, there is now software for our logs that let us avoid clutter and make the chore of entries a lot easier, cleaner, and convenient.

Driver’s EZLog by Logbook Software allows up to 5 drivers to use the license. It lets you send logs electronically to your home or your carrier. EZLog gives you alerts if it anticipates you making a violation or if you actually do make a violation. It also keeps track of fuel costs and is up to date on all interstate, intrastate, and Canadian rules and border crossings. Repetitive information like your name and truck number, among other things is automatically entered across different forms. It is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Visa and Windows 7. This software is about $50 full price but there are frequent sales events with codes that give you up to 20%-30% off.

Trucker’s Helper was designed with the company driver in mind. It tracks miles and expenses on a per trip basis and uses a trip sheet format that is familiar to drivers who are new to electronic log books. The trip sheet lets you enter mileage and expense information using the trip sheet format. It simplifies data entry so that you don’t have to make separate entries into accounting and mileage report sections; the information is automatically added once you fill it in on the trip sheet. The log validation program insures that your logs are legal, a feature that is especially useful for small fleet owners. Settlement reconciliation lets you easily balance your settlements, enter your income and make sure you’re reimbursed for your expenses. Trucker’s Helper also has a convenient customer records system where you can keep information on your clients that includes contact names and directions. Trucker’s Helper is the premier trucking log software for trucking companies looking to consolidate their time and their driver’s time.

Eclipse Logbook is perhaps the best known trucking log software for computers that have Windows XP or above. It handles the math automatically so you can prevent hours of service violations. Everything is right there in convenient form for roadside inspections and you can submit logs electronically to your carrier with certified fax submission or via email. You can print daily log sheets; violations are shown in red for easy identification. Team drivers can work off a single laptop and 8-2 splits are included in the program, as well as all U.S. driving rules. Eclipse features a GPS interface so you can enter your location with one click. You can see how many hours of service you legally have left and driving hour modes include U.S, teams, short hall, Canada, Oil, Texas and more. Eclipse features a comprehensive support system that you can access via telephone, email, and forum, and they even offer online training. You can buy Eclipse for about $60 and yearly upgrades are $40.

If you prefer to keep all your activity on your iPhone, Trucker’s iLog by Addition Software, LLC eliminates the need to drag out your laptop or save all your information until you get home. This application supports 60 hour, 7 day and 70 hour, 8 day logging. You get one touch GPS location logging updates, and entries are automatically updated. You can enter your driver, truck and carrier information once and it automatically fills in this repetitive information. This app also allows you to email the daily log to anyone you wish, even yourself, in .pdf format. It gives you a daily log graph and a daily summery page; it makes easy to read graphs of your daily activity plus a brief total on the side of the screen that lets you know your total hours on duty that day and the total hours spent driving as well as your total day’s mileage. This convenient download is just $9.99 in the iPhone App Store.

Trucking log software can make driving a lot easier and save time that you would rather spend on reading, resting or catching up with family and friends. Instead of shuffling papers you can maintain a meticulous log with just a few quick keystrokes using one of the many affordable trucking log software programs available to you.

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Driver Clinic July 30, 2012 at 12:39 pm

The US Department of Transportation and leading manufactures are working to increase vehicle safety and would like to get truck drivers involved in evaluating a new technology. With vehicle-to-vehicle communication each car or truck anonymously transmits its direction and speed informing surrounding vehicles and helping prevent an accident.
We are currently recruiting drivers with a Class A CDL to participate in our clinics, similar to a ride-and-drive, and give their opinions on the new technology. These clinics will be held at the former Alameda Naval Air Station August 22 and 23. Eligible drivers will spend approximately 2 hours on site between driving and discussing their experience. Participants will be paid $200 for their time and given gas cards for travel.


Adept August 31, 2012 at 2:46 am

Great launch of a electronic software. Thanks…


smartkathy January 16, 2013 at 6:14 am

Hi there. Really a great post. Thanks for sharing it.


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