Shipping Companies Facing The Worst Truck Driving Jobs Shortage

November 17, 2015

Transportation business is an old-age trade which has been the source of income for many people. Shipping companies rely on drivers, who are qualified to have their products and goods reach the destination. Shipping companies in the United States are in a crisis of shortage of truck drivers. At the moment, the estimates show that […]


Types of CDL Jobs Available To You

November 16, 2015

Commercial Driving License (CDL) is the typical driving license that allows access to driving commercial vehicles. Drivers with a CDL can for instance secure truck driving jobs in heavy commercial driving; trucks and equivalent heavy-load vehicles or in commercial motor vehicles (CMV). In order for one to qualify for a CDL, there are various tests […]


Drivers Ride High On Trucking Jobs Boom

November 9, 2015

For several years now the truck driving job was not considered to be a high-paying one due to the fact that there was no yearly pay increase, which is the usual business for any other job. However the drivers’ time has finally come. USA is experiencing a trucking boom and the drivers are happily looking […]


Looking Forward To A Career In Driving – 7 Different Types of Driver Jobs

November 3, 2015

Finding the right job is always very hard. Some people already know what they want long before they leave school while others are still not sure what they want to do as a career. If you enjoy seeing the world go by then driving may be the best job for you. Even though some driver […]


Shape Your Career With a Truck Driving Job

October 26, 2015

In the last few years the rate of unemployment has really increased. This has led to the establishment of other practical careers like truck driving. For one to consider taking up a truck driving job there are some elements that should be satisfied so that they become a deserving candidate. It is important that you […]


Deciding What Size Truck You Need & Correctly Measuring Your Freight

October 19, 2015

Moving items from one place to another is quite a daunting task. It is important to ensure that tasks are handled with a lot of caution and diligence. This will go a long way in ensuring that the truck drivers activity is made as simple as possible. One of the ways of achieving this, is […]