October 2014 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on October 14, 2014

Fall is finally in the air.  Leaves are beginning to show magnificent colors, shorts have been traded for jeans and jackets, and of course, it’s time for another newsletter!

Please, take the time to read this month’s articles.  We think you’ll really enjoy them.  As always, feel free to leave some comments as well.

Have another safe month on the road, and Happy Halloween!

‘Just a Truck Driver’

by Terri Jenkins-Brady October 14, 2014

Wrong. Don’t ever think that. Aren’t you the one the shipper sees first? Don’t you supervise loading the products so all arrive safely and without damage? Aren’t you the person who’s going to drive carefully, within your legal hours so that load gets to the receiver at exactly the right time? You have a tremendous […]

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Understanding Trucking Insurance

by Timothy Brady October 14, 2014

Company drivers and lease operators typically are under the Auto Liability insurance coverage of the carrier to/by which they’re leased or employed. However, it’s very important you understand how and where both you and the carrier are covered. Insurance is an odd relationship between you, the carrier and the insurance company. You and the trucking […]

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Show Truck Looks At Future Freight Hauling

by Tom Kelley October 14, 2014

In spite of the technological advances that have been incorporated into today’s trucks, it’s pretty likely that a driver from 50, or even 100 years ago wouldn’t feel entirely out of place if he woke from a Rip van Winkle rest period and hopped into a modern cab. Sure, the clutch pedal and shift lever […]

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Watch Your Stress Levels

by Terri Jenkins-Brady October 14, 2014

It’s true – most truckers have a tolerance for stress that would be the envy of many CEOs and other corner-office dwellers. Truckers, as professional drivers, make literally life-and-death decisions on the interstates, lonely country roads or even when at a dock. And they handle the daily commute of four-wheelers with unbelievable calm. But bear […]

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Trucking’s Perfect Window for New Drivers, Part 1

by Ernest Sharpe October 14, 2014

Ernie-Earl here, T-Dawg’s better-educated, Volvo-driving cousin on his mother’s side, sitting on the third stool at Mamie’s Gas-Up Café. T-Dawg’s ice-road driving for Mamie, who’s on a mission to Save the Walruses. I’m pecking at my trusty laptop, trying to complete my column while my “research assistant,” B.A. Grouseman, sits slurping coffee and gobbling pie, […]

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