January 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on January 14, 2015

We hope your 2015 is off to a wonderful start for each and every one of you.  Hopefully you haven’t cheated on too many of your resolutions already (we won’t say if we have…).  If you are good at keep your resolutions, we hope you’ll make one of them to read our newsletter each month.

Without further ado, please enjoy our January 2015 Newsletter.  Be sure to leave us some comments if you’d like.

Tech4Trucks – Wifi Calling – No Bars, No Problem: Smarter Phones Can Use WiFi For Calling

by Tom Kelley January 14, 2015

Soon after phones became “smart” enough to handle e-mail traffic, they got even smarter by enabling use of an available WiFi connection instead of the cellular network, to download or send e-mails, text messages and other data traffic. But even though airtime prices have dropped dramatically over the last decade, they’re still high enough that […]

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The Ballistic Shipper

by Terri Jenkins-Brady January 14, 2015

Some days it seems like you drive your truck right into a hornets’ nest of customer service – especially when your shipper is really bent out of shape. So, how to handle that situation? Here are some tips. If you’re greeted with a blast of anger on the dock or in the shipper’s office, stay […]

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B.A.’s Agent Part I

by T-Dawg McCall January 14, 2015

T-Dawg here, watching life and truckers from the third stool by the door at Mamie’s Gas-Up Café. I’d just dropped into Mamie’s for a plate of good luck with her New Year’s Peas & Good Will special, a big helping of cornbread and All-American black-eyed peas which she makes with cumin, garlic and ham-bone gravy. […]

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A Move in 2015?

by Terri Jenkins-Brady January 14, 2015

Maybe you’ve been thinking about going lease, or your carrier’s rep just asked you if you wanted to do so. This is a major decision, and it will impact your truck driving career. For the first step, do an honest self-evaluation. The following questions may help you decide what’s in your future. Do you have […]

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Understanding Trucking Insurance IV

by Timothy Brady January 14, 2015

Here’s the fourth installment on understanding trucking insurance. The past three installments have discussed the most common coverages used by most carriers that directly or indirectly impact both employee and leased truckers. For this final part on trucking insurance, we’ll discuss peripheral coverages that you may come across as a trucker. Trailer Interchange: This coverage […]

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