September 2014 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on September 16, 2014

It’s time for this month’s newsletter.  We really enjoyed talking to many of you at this year GATS.  If we didn’t see you there, be sure to drop us a line and weigh in on any of the articles.

We hope you enjoy this month’s articles.  We’ve got some great reads, including the conclusion to an article from last month.

Have a safe month on the road, and we’ll see you all back here next month.

How To Go From Company Driver To Lease Operator

by Timothy Brady September 16, 2014

Nearly anyone who has a CDL can become a lease operator; the typical first step in becoming a trucking business owner. The details for doing this are relatively easy and can be accomplished in less than a week, especially if you want to go in the Lease Purchase direction. Be aware starting a trucking business […]

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Tech4Trucks – Find A Spot? I-94 Projects Use Tech To Report Truck Parking Availability

by Tom Kelley September 16, 2014

Over the last few decades, the number of long-haul trucks on the road has grown dramatically, but unfortunately, the number of safe rest-area parking spots for trucks has hardly grown at all. Between the inflexibility of current HOS rules, and the CSA-driven enforcement penalties, there has been even more demand on the limited number of […]

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Focus Without Stress

by Terri Jenkins-Brady September 16, 2014

Have you noticed nearly everyone seems to be getting more and more stressed, especially about all the things he or she has to do and the pitifully small amount of time in which to do all of them? Well, everyone from Warren Buffett to the small-town dog catcher has the same number of hours in […]

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B.A. and Drone Wars Part II

by T-Dawg McCall September 16, 2014

When we left B.A. Grouseman and T-Dawg McCall last month, they were trying out B.A.’s new career as a drone pilot. But things weren’t going too smoothly. Suddenly something crashed on the box of groceries, pulverizing it. It was another box. The crash tore away part of the wrapping, revealing an anvil inside. “What in […]

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Driver Retainment and You

by Terri Jenkins-Brady September 16, 2014

Ever stop to think about how having a bunch of new drivers coming in all the time affects you and your driving? Of course, if you’re working as a driver-trainer, it’s obvious that each new driver coming through the door of your carrier is someone you’re going to interact with and help to train to […]

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