April 2014 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on April 15, 2014

We hope you’ve all had a great month on the road.  For those of you we saw at this year’s MATS, it was a pleasure as always.  If you didn’t catch us at the show, we certainly missed you.

We have some great articles for you this month, so be sure to leave us some comments.  Have another safe month on the road.

B.A. and the Boy Scout

by T-Dawg McCall April 15, 2014

T-Dawg here, watching life and truckers from the third stool by the door at Mamie’s Gas-Up Café. A few days ago, I was at Mamie’s tucking into a plate of schweinenbraten and sauerkraut, which she serves every April 10 to celebrate Mozart’s birthday. Frankly, I’m not sure either dish was around in Mozart’s time but […]

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Stress Is Not for Sissies

by Terri Jenkins-Brady April 15, 2014

And neither is trucking, for that matter. Driving a truck means you encounter stress: traffic jams, truck breakdowns, dock waits, pick-ups that aren’t ready, deliveries sent to the wrong dock, other vehicle drivers who aren’t paying attention or are drunk (or maybe just crazy), people walking or running, bicyclists, dogs and kids – you name […]

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Don’t Get Blind-Sided

by Timothy Brady April 15, 2014

Are you prepared for changes that are occurring in trucking? You might say, “Why should I be concerned? After all, I’m just a company driver (or lease operator).” Consider: there are constant changes occurring in the government regulation end of the industry which affect you and how you perform your job. These changes don’t occur […]

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Is e-Tolling The Answer? Tech Options May Solve Highway Funding Shortfall

by Tom Kelley April 15, 2014

With the deadline for passing the next round of highway funding just a few months away, one of the options under consideration by the feds is expanded tolling. Although tolling is only slightly less messy than the mileage taxes also under consideration, it’s still not as cost-efficient as the current fuel-tax system. The specious argument […]

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How Many Savings Accounts Do You Have?

by Terri Jenkins-Brady April 15, 2014

There’s a school of thought that holds you should always have one more savings account than you have credit cards. That works for many people; some other people like to have three to five savings accounts, no matter how many pieces of plastic are in their wallets. And while the old-fashioned savings account has fallen […]

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