April 2015 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on April 13, 2015

We hope you’ve all had a great month on the road.  For those of you we saw at this year’s MATS, it was a pleasure as always.  If you didn’t catch us at the show, we certainly missed you.

We have some great articles for you this month, so be sure to leave us some comments.  Have another safe month on the road!

Truck Stop Doc

by Ernest Sharpe April 13, 2015

Truckers have as many ailments as everyone else, often more because of their road-kill diet and sit-and-steer jobs, interspersed with killer activity bursts. But when it comes to seeing a doctor, truck drivers have a unique problem. They can’t simply make an appointment and take a couple of hours off for a check-up. Not when […]

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What’s New in Your Niche?

by Terri Jenkins-Brady April 13, 2015

You’ve heard, and doubtless read, that to be really successful in trucking, you must have a niche, or a type of specialty. You may drive for a carrier that hauls only refrigerated, or carefully transports irreplaceable oil paintings to the next museum exhibition. Or you may take your tanker of milk to the factory that […]

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Trucking Job Search: Investigation What do you need to earn?

by Timothy Brady April 13, 2015

You’re thinking of going lease, but as you think about it a thousand questions come to mind. One question is “What do I need to earn to pay for all the costs of owning (leasing) a truck and the cost of operating it?”   When you ask different people, you get answers all over the […]

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Stable Running Part 1 – The Basics Behind Stability Control

by Tom Kelley April 13, 2015

Although they’re widely available, electronic traction control systems based on Antilock Brake System (ABS) are not yet widely used. The latest traction control technology can provide far more traction assistance than the simple “power divider” lock still found on many trucks. Basic Vehicle Dynamics To understand how braking technology can improve traction under power, first […]

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De-Stressing On The Job

by Terri Jenkins-Brady April 13, 2015

“Whew. What a wait on the Interstate that wreck caused.” Or, “if that forklift hadn’t broken down just as they finally got to my trailer, I’d have been out of here two hours ago.” “Why is my stomach complaining? I ate that chile hours ago.” There are days like that in every trucker’s career. And […]

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